This year Brand New School spun off two subdivisions: bns.films and bns.labs. We developed a set of three new websites, each with a distinct identity but also a part of a larger whole. Under the hood, all three sites are in fact a single installation of Economy, our CMS, so that they share data and users.

Our website for the production division showcases their trademark quirky style. The front page leads with a giant animated slideshow and displays curated works from each of the six directors, who also maintain a strong presence on the site.

Unlike the main Brand New School site and the bns.labs site, on the bns.films site all videos play in an overlay in place, rather than link to individual project pages. This creates a lighter feeling, more focused on creative end product and less on the intricacies of the projects.

Instead of a page for each project, on bns.films there is a page for each director. Those pages can have different layouts to best promote each director’s work.


Playlists, a feature of all three sites allow users to view BNS’ work in themed sets. You are also able to create your own playlist.


The bulletin feature allows you to keep up with the latest BNS news. Bulletin posts can be targeted to the main site, bns.films, bns.labs, or any combination.