Curate Your Own Membership

As an extension of our work on the main website of the Whitney Museum of American Art, we designed a cute interface for the Whitney’s Curate Your Own Membership feature. You can mix and match different benefits to create a custom annual membership for yourself. The Whitney is apparently the first major museum to do this, and it’s in keeping with a number of other bespoke features on the website, some live already and some coming soon. The idea also reinforces the rich variety of programming and experiences available at the Whitney, something our web design for the museum has also always tried to emphasize. In this new interface, you color a badge as you design your membership.


Membership integration

In a collaboration with the developers of the Raiser’s Edge membership system, we created a behind-the-scenes web service that allows Whitney users to manage their museum membership online, and see a reminder at the top of each webpage when their membership is about to expire. In calendars throughout the site, users see a “For you” badge on special events for their membership level (a feature that nicely complements the Curate Your Own Membership project and the “your collection” feature of the website), and even users who aren’t members of the museum can customize their calendars on the website to highlight events in categories that interest them. The Whitney can also now show any content on conditionally to particular users, such as an announcement or solicitation targeted to users in a particular membership category.