Our site for Future Expansion is a plan that expands, contracts, and reshuffles itself. Each project, news item, or essay exists as a room in a plan that can be customized by each user on demand.

When you first visit the homepage, the plan yields a strange, enormous building to get lost within. Simultaneously it’s very generous, showing all content that exists on the site: a very literal site map. The size of the rooms correspond to the amount of content inside them, and their position is reverse-chronological, allowing most recent content to be seen first; but news clusters near the project it relates to. The horizontal navigation is a series of checkboxes that let you filter what content you see while also offering you a general understanding of the scope of Future Expansion’s work. The site’s color evokes both architectural output and the web, a starting point for content production and traversal.





The homepage plan is viewable in both text and image modes. When viewed as image, the plan becomes collage.



Interior pages

On the inside, images and text can exist side-by-side if desired, allowing moments of surprise in combination.



Special attention was placed on the site’s transitions: going from room to room feels natural, allowing your gradual understanding of the plan by going there and back again. The FE circle acts as a guide on the left-hand side.