Two proposals for an empty wall in Chelsea.



A color gradient shifts your perspective from a beige derived from the urban hardscape below, through a digital spectrum that ends with sky blue. An interruption like color bars on your TV, this colorful anomaly might suggest that cities are places of the imagination as much as of the pragmatic, it could suggest that built and venerable urban forms don’t need to be distinct from the digital networks that run through them, and it might also suggest inclusivity of all people. These qualities have special meaning in Chelsea, where new buildings are being interspersed with old ones and old buildings are recycled for new uses, where creative and digital economies have become the dominant neighborhood engines, and where multiple cultures have proudly mixed without losing their identities.


The wall is covered by a set of colorful cable wires that are attached to the wall on the top and bottom and are loose in between. They will move slightly in the wind, always changing their pattern on the wall. Their visual quality, both prosaic and flashy, speaks of construction, fashion, multiplicity, movement, networks, and surprise, suggesting many of the kinds of change that characterize Chelsea.